About Fly Me Luxury

Welcome to Fly Me Luxury! We are an air travel agency dedicated to helping fliers find premium flight tickets at discounted rates. Before Fly Me Luxury, we were fed up with watching people pay way too much for airline tickets, so we started our company to help you (and many more) save as much money as possible when they fly. Flying is meant to be a smooth experience. With our advanced price-slashing process, you can cut travel costs without sacrificing travel comfort. With Fly Me Luxury, you can now fly with absolute peace of mind knowing that you’ve landed a premium flight at the best possible price! Fly Me Luxury is here to help you save time and money by bridging the gap for top-notch airline travel at rates which won’t break the bank. Our team is made up of highly-experienced Travel Ambassadors who are here to serve your travel needs. Combining unique backgrounds and experience, we are trained and prepared to find your next best deal. You will not find another air travel agency as dedicated to finding you irresistible prices and offering stellar service as we are. We at Fly Me Luxury are committed to matching fliers with luxury flights without paying extra. We do this by leveraging both our exclusive list of contracts and flight databases to find reduced-fare flights for business and first class travel. With this powerful combination, we are able to save as much as 60% off prices posted to typical airline ticket websites. And we transfer those savings directly to you. Here is how our patented search technology works. First, submit a flight request using our website. Then, our Travel Ambassadors manually check all possible airfares to find the best price for your specific needs. Once they find potential winners, they submit them to you. You only need to choose which one you like the most! For flights you were already planning to take, these savings can translate to hundreds of dollars per flight. If you travel often or with your family, this can easily translate to thousands or even tens of thousands over a lifetime. Some of our flights include free limo service and/or free hotel stay on selected fares as a personal gift for you to enjoy the business class experience at its most. Flying business or first class? Сlick here to schedule your next flight. We know that we can find you the most luxurious travel experience matching your budget. So give us a try! If you have any questions or want to book your first flight using our service, reach out to our Travel Ambassadors by phone, email or by submitting a form below. We can’t wait to have you on board!

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If you have any questions or want to book your first flight using our service, simply fill in the form below and one of our travel ambassadors will get in touch with you shortly. We can’t wait to have you on board!